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Add:NO.8of Guanghua Roadof Zhangjiawan,TongZhou District,Beijing
Tel:010-61565766 61565788  Fax:010-61563...

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  Located in Tongzhou Economic Development Zone and covering an area of 120000sqm, Beijing Beipao Light Steel Building Materials Co., Ltd. is the earliest state-owned share-holding enterprise engaged in production of colourful lightweight steel panel, with the total amount of investment up to RMB200 million and a space floor of over 80000sqm. Boasting the first class qualification for contracting steel structure buildings and second-class qualification for professional project designing, the company is...

Our culture

Enterprise values:
Respect :respect customers,respect employees and respect knowledge
Service :service enterprise,service shareholders and serve the society
Harmony :harmonious interpersonal relationship,harmonious development space and harmonious e...More>>

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About us News Projects Products Login Guestbook Contract us
Copyright:Beijing Beipao Light Steel Building Materal Co.,LTD Tel:(010)69574648 61565702   E-mail: [email protected] ICP 05048371-1
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